Why ‘Pasture-Raised’ Matters


There is a perfect partnership that exists between pasture raised animals and the land they graze. It’s a partnership that has evolved over the course of more than 20 million years and one that we are proud to leverage at Nashville Cattle Co. Leveraging this perfect partnership maximizes benefits to the animals we raise, the land we tend, and the consumers we serve.

How does it work? Rotating cattle through our pastures means that the cattle are grazing each pasture periodically, eating only the tops of the plants and keeping the grass in its “growth stage”. This allows plant roots time to spread out and cover the ground. This coverage helps retain moisture in the earth. Additionally, the animal’s feet knock over dead plant material, slicing it with their hooves, and driving it into the ground feeding the soil’s microbes. The animal’s hooves also open the soil allowing water to more easily enter into the otherwise hard earth. Oh, and one more thing, the animals naturally fertilize (you know what I mean) the land as they graze, further supporting the next growth phase of the pasture. Meanwhile, the animals are eating a healthy diet their bodies are built to digest and in a natural environment that doesn’t require hormones or antibiotics.

So how does it work with commoditized meat? Commoditized meat has animals over-grazing small parcels of land to a point where the land cannot rejuvenate or continue to sustain the herd. This means that large amounts of supplemental feed are used, year round. This is not considered a downside to commoditized producers as large amounts of supplemental feed fatten up the cattle, making them more profitable. To paint a picture, we now have a herd of cattle in a small, crowded space overeating supplemental feed, destroying the land under hoof, and creating very messy living quarters (for reasons I am sure you can deduce) that often lead to illness. This combination of factors inevitably leads to the use of antibiotics to keep the animals alive as they continue to grow at unnatural rates. Commoditized meat does not support the natural lifestyle of the animals it raises, does not sustain the land it grazes, and produces a fattier, antibiotic filled meat to the consumer. Gross.

We don’t believe in fear tactics at Nashville Cattle Co, but we do believe in transparency. We even invite you to come down to the farm and see for yourself. We know you’ll be impressed. Viewing the process holistically, as we do, helps us sleep at night knowing that our animals are happy, our land is sustained, and our consumers are healthy. We take pride in the fact that eating our meat, and feeding it to your family, is something you can feel good about.