Delicious Meats for Conscious Consumers

Nashville Cattle Co. produces humanely, pasture-raised beef and pork. All of our animals are raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics while grazing premium grasses such as clover and rye. When seasonally available, beef is grass fed and finished while off season, cattle are gently finished on grain. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, ALL BEEF IS 100% GRASS FED!

Buying in Shares

We believe that a truly sustainable farm honors the animal it raises by harvesting only what it can provide to the consumer. A factory it is not. To achieve this balance, we offer our product in shares and micro shares, allowing us to sell the whole animal before taking another from the herd. We do this while keeping the consumer in mind, selling a variety of shares for varying lifestyles.

Interested in buying by the cut? See our By The Cut Items.

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