Maximizing Sustainability by Selling Meat in Shares

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Fresh Raw Meat Background

We are making some changes here at Nashville Cattle Co. We went into this venture to explore a niche that our family has been privy to for some time: eating fresh, all natural meat from animals raised humanely and stress-free on our farm. We learned a lot in a short amount of time and those lessons have lead to an evolution of our system. The goal remains the same, bring the farm to the city. Even the most health-conscious consumer has to prioritize free time and often seeking out all natural meat falls down the list and the ease and convenience of mass-produced, grocery store meat becomes the answer. We make our product available to you in your everyday path. Our new system improves on that even more.

Selling shares of an animal is nothing new. Many farmers sell full, ½ or ¼ cow shares to consumers. We are taking that model a step further by selling smaller, more manageable shares of meat that the average family has room to store and can eat in a reasonable amount of time. Our largest share is just 17 pounds of all natural beef, which can be stored in your average freezer. Each share is a cross section of available cuts from the whole animal, including premium steaks, roasts, quick-cook steaks and ground beef. A share can last the whole month, so you’ll always have options when it comes to family dinners, cook outs or a quick meal by yourself. And we’ll help you cook it. I will regularly post recipes on the site to help you prepare delicious meals, anything from my braised short ribs over polenta to my version of a classic cast iron cheeseburger. I’ll also soon make available a book of techniques for cooking your favorite cuts of all natural pork, beef and chicken.

Get all of this delivered right to your door. We have added home delivery to our list of services. For a limited time, we’ll even deliver orders over $125 to your doorstep for free. Check the website for delivery rates and available delivery zones.

For me, as a farmer, this system is so important to me because it serves the animal. When I make the decision to harvest an animal from the herd, I want to know that the entire animal will be used to serve our customers. Under this model, we can plan more accurately and never take an animal we don’t need. I hope our customers value and honor the life of an animal as much as we do. Sustainability is more than just a buzzword.