Where does the meat come from?

We raise all of our meat on our own farm, The High Lonesome Ranch, in Shelbyville, TN. All of our animals are raised on pasture with no hormones or antibiotics.

What is Sustainable Availability?

Because we are using only animals raised on our own farm, out of an implemented system, there are only so many animals available to harvest at a given time. When they become available, we release the cuts on the site and when they sell out, we wait for the next animal or group. In short, first come-first served. We will announce on social media when we have new animals in the larder.

Is the beef grass fed

Grass fed beef is a seasonal item. When cows are eating hay, it creates a different product then when they are eating live grasses. In season, spring through summer, our beef is 100% grass fed. Out of season, we will lightly finish cattle on corn in pasture. We will always specify on the site, which season we are in.

How is the pork raised?

Our purebred Berkshire hogs are raised 100% on pasture with permanent access to woods to forage and feed. They are supplemented with natural feed and moved in and out of planted pastures containing various vegetables like black-eyed peas and pumpkins. Our pigs are GAP certified at a level of 4.

How can my company or school become a pick up point?

Contact us to discuss if your office or school can support becoming a private pick-up point for our meat. If so, one Friday a month we will drop off orders placed on our website at your location. Just pick-up and go on your way out the door!