Eat Animals that have themselves eaten well.

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I was flipping through Michael Pollan’s Food Rules and came across rule #30. Eat Animals That Have Themselves Eaten Well.

As noted in the book, this seems obvious, but if you look at the way the majority of the meat in our diets is raised, it is not advice that is typically followed.

The commoditized food industry has created a product that is low in price, but…you get what you pay for. As a result of this creation, we have become accustomed to eating meat (and lots of it) at every meal. This begs the question…is eating high quantities of low quality meat good for us? We don’t think so. Furthermore, we know that pasture raised meat, which often carries a higher price tag, contain more Omega 3s, vitamins, and antioxidants. When you think of it that way, it’s kind of a bargain.

Which brings us to rule #53. Pay More, Eat Less. Mr. Pollan, we couldn’t agree more.